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AppCircus @IQ São Paulo: and the selected apps are ....

We're thrilled to announce the apps to pitch at the AppCircus@Innovation Qualcomm, São Paulo event to take place next August 23rd at Casa Petra Unidade Ibirapuera, Avenida Aratãs 1010, starting at 6:30pm.

The selected developers will do a 3-minute pitch of their app in front of an expert jury, and the winner will get a chance to win a nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards, during the 2013 Mobile World Congress.

Wondering if you can attend the show? Of course! Register at https://www.iqevent.com.br/en/register/appcircus

App Porto Vias is developed by the insurance company Porto Seguro and offers real-time information about the traffic in the Greater São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro cities.



iPostal is an app that allows you to send your own pictures as real, printed postcards.




Locamob is a location-based social network that allows users to meet people with same the likenings.



VideoVivo is a marketplace for buying and selling knowledge and opinion over live video such as professional advice and programing.



XH2O, a casual game in which the player has to take a drop to the target losing as little liquid as possible.



With Happy Squirrels, Keep a squirrel population happy in this time management game.




Playphone Social Gaming Network is a solution for Mobile Social Gaming! Connect with your friends and join them LIVE in hundreds of FREE games on the network.



JiTT aims at generating the best tour for the time you have and the place where you are.






The Social Radio converts your Twitter stream into a human-friendly audio experience.




Panarchy Fling is a unique twist on pinball. With loveable animals and great visuals, this game leaves you with that warm fuzzy feeling in no time.



It's been a very tough decision, so a huge thank you to the online jury:

Dario Dal Piaz, Qualcomm Latin America

María del Carmen Lara Dillon, Pulso Social

Julio Gómez, WebAdictos


With so much great talent on stage, don't wait a minute and sign up here to attend for free! See you there!

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